Wushu-Martial Arts Wushu-Martial Arts Wushu-Martial Arts

Wushu-Martial Arts

Wushu-The ultimate action martial art

Sunny Tang Martial Arts Centre in Scarborough, Ontario features Wushu-Martial Arts

Exhilarating in nature and colorful in tradition, Wushu is one of the most visually appealing sports today. Made popular by action films such as ‘Hero’ and ‘Crouching Tiger - Hidden Dragon’, Wushu is an Olympic level sport practiced by the likes of action stars Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Wushu routine (taolu) training comprises of traditional martial arts movements such as punches, kicks, sweeps and blocks. In addition, the routines incorporate the elements of jumps, turns, spins and acrobatics in the most difficult and dramatic fashion. Wushu-The ultimate action martial art.

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Last Updated On: June 23, 2015
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