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Sunny Tang Martial Arts Centre Toronto

If you are looking for a Martial Arts Club in Scarborough, Mississauga, Markham or simply the Greater Toronto Area, then you have found to the right place. Sunny Tang Martial Arts Centre has been established in Canada since 1973. Master Tang is the recognized leader in the Chinese Martial Arts across the country and serves as President of WushuCanada and is also an active committee member of the International Wushu Federation (IWuF). Master Tang was the delegation leader for the Canadian Wushu Team at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

With more than 40 years of teaching experience, Master Tang actively oversees the programming of all schools.

Whether you are a novice or athletic professional, we have a martial arts program suitable for you. Contact us today and let us to show you why.

Martial Arts Programming

Whether for self defense, recreational fitness or competition.

Our centre offers a wide array of programs designed to compliment the majority of martial arts enthusiasts. These programs include traditional and effective self-defence programs to high-flying performance oriented programs as portrayed in film and television. The goal of all our programs is to create a fun, safe, educative and friendly environment in which our members are able to meet and exceed their personal goals. Our programs also strive to engage themselves into becoming an integral role in the physical lifestyle of our members.

This is accomplished by providing quality coaching and support to our members, and promoting physical excellence through the martial arts regardless of the age, gender or natural abilities of our members. Programs are offered for Adults, Youth and Children.

Sunny Tang Martial Arts is conveniently opened 7 days a week at our Scarborough location and has recognized branches operating throughout the country.

MARTIAL ARTS Clubs Scarborough, ON

Sunny Tang Martial Arts Centre is your first choice when it comes to MARTIAL ARTS in Scarborough

Sunny Tang Martial Arts Centre developed over 40 years from a group of local students in its early years to one of Canada's leading martial arts institutions.

It began in a 200 ft. basement of a restaurant located in the Danforth/Jones area of downtown Toronto. Today there are over 10 centres across the country bearing the Sunny Tang name, with the main headquarters located in our 6000 square foot facility in Scarborough, Ontario.

Visit us for a FREE trial class in any of our programs offered.

2370 Midland Ave [Unit B22-25]
Scarborough, Ontario - M1S 5C6

T: 416.321.5913 F:416.321.5068
E: [email protected]

TTC: From Midland Station on the SRT take the Northbound bus (Midland 57) 4 stops to Pitfield Rd.

We are located on the West side of Midland across from Colangelo Brothers Supermarket. Walk down the laneway indicated by 2370 Midland "Winco Business Park".

Sanda Sport Combat Program

If you like MMA and Combat Sport

The Ultimate physical conditioning combative program: Sanda is a modern Chinese hand to hand combat, self-defense system and combat sport. Emphasis is placed on the physical development of the practitioner through a rigorous conditioning program that promotes stamina, endurance, strength and speed.

Sanda is composed of Chinese martial arts applications including most aspects of combat including striking, kicking, wrestling and throwing. Sanda's history involved barehanded fights in which no rules existed. However, as a competitive event sanda developed in the military as these bouts were commonly held between the soldiers to test and practice barehanded martial skills, ability and techniques. Sanctioned rules were developed and the use of protective equipment were introduced and today sanda is a competitive combat sport practiced around the world. The emphasis of is on realistic fighting ability taken into the safety of a combat sport environment. Sanda includes da (punches), ti (kicks), shuai (grappling), and na (throws, locks, chokes).

Unlike other stand up fighting styles has a very great emphasis on throws, precision attacks and counters. Our program is designed for beginners and seasoned practitioners at all levels of training, from recreational to competitive levels.

Self Defense for Adults

Learn Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu in Scarborough

“Wing Chun”—The most practical self-defense system for adults.

Tenets of Wing Chun include practicality, efficiency and economy of movement.

The system of Wing Chun is based on 2 theories and 3 principles that highlight the simplicity of this traditional form of Chinese Kung-Fu. Its roots are centuries old and its techniques have been passed down through the ages by dedicated disciples. Grand Master Sunny Tang is a 2nd generation Disciple of Ip Man (Bruce Lee’s teacher), and one of the first to bring Wing Chun to Canada.

Training is based on certain fundamental principles, which take into account the limitation and capability of human movements, the relative position between the practitioner and the opponent, and the most economic movement to achieve the desired result under any situation. The training is strict and requires a high level of concentration, conceptual understanding and discipline.

Classes are open to all levels from beginner to advanced and practitioners are encouraged to develop their skills through paired training and controlled application. In 1996 as tribute to the now late Grand Master Moy Yat, the spelling of Ving Tsun as opposed to the more traditional “Wing Chun” was incorporated by our schools as recognition to the lineage of our Kung Fu Family.

Action Martial Arts

Fight Choreography and Acrobatics

The Action Martial Arts Program is a fun, performance oriented martial arts program developed by industry leading stunt performers. The Action Martial Arts Program is for both beginner and veteran martial artists looking for something new that will help take their abilities to the next level in a fast paced, fun and safe environment.

The program combines traditional WUSHU martial arts with emphasis on acrobatics, weaponry and action choreography. It balances technical excellence in performance with a strong emphasis on creativity and energy. Weaponry taught in the curriculum include everything from staff, swords and escrimas to everyday tools that may be used in film and television. However, the highlight of the program involves the emphasis on break falls, fight choreography and martial arts acrobatics taught by our coaching staff of professional performers, national champions and choreographers.

This program is specific for youth and adults looking for a fun fast track to wushu training.

AGES: 14 and up

Lion and Dragon Dance Team

Performance and Entertainment for Events

Canada's Got Talent SemiFinalists: Wushu By Storm, The Sunny Tang Performance Team is geared towards performance and excitement. Our team is highly recognized for our expertise in performance and exhilaration. Our list of performances range from weddings to grand openings to the Honour of performing for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on two of her visits to Canada. From Lion & Dragon Dance, Acrobatics, Stunts, Wire Work to Dance and Themed shows, we have the talent to make any event more memorable.

Each year our lion & dragon dance team brings in the Chinese New Years at various events and spectacles including the annual "DRAGONBALL" which is the Chinese community's largest fundraising event. We have dazzled many in the corporate environment and have brought excitement to numerous schools across the country through our cultural education program "Youth in Action".

Our programs and performances are custom designed for each event and ensures a wide range of expertise, from traditional shows to fully choreographed themed galas, capable of displaying all the acrobatic traits of the martial arts and lion dance. We further our performances with the use of our experience in theatre and film production and can highlight any event with our professional costumes, make up and artistry. Be sure to get the most of any event with the inclusion of the Sunny Tang Performance Team.

Champion Martial Arts Supplies

Sunny Tang Martial Arts Centre in Scarborough, Ontario offers Wushu and traditional martial arts weapons

Sunny Tang Martial Arts Centre in Scarborough, Ontario has access to one of the largest selections of champion martial arts supplies in Canada! As well as a large inventory of protective gear and equipment to help you improve your skills. Contact us today for more information.



Mobile: +1 416 801 5614

Key Contact:

Alan Tang - Program Coordinator

Languages Spoken:

Chinese English

Physical Location


2370 Midland Avenue, Suite B22-25 Scarborough, ON, M1S 5C6 Canada

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Closest Transit Stop:

Midland RT

GPS Coordinates:

-79.27927490000002, - 43.7800956

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Hours of Operation

  • Sunday:
    10:00 am
    4:00 pm
  • Monday:
    10:00 am
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    3:00 pm
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    3:00 pm
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Appointments Available.

  • Private Instruction and Walk In visits are welcome.

We Serve

  • Etobicoke
  • Markham
  • Mississauga
  • North York
  • Scarborough
  • Toronto

Established Since 1973

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